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Ultra Racing Super GT Gymkhana @ Sepang International Circuit 9th, 10th June 2012


In conjunction with the Super GT held in Sepang, Ultra Racing once again played host to a Gymkhana event co organised by Jeet’s Wheelspin Motorsport and Akina’s Kuraz Events.Held at the Sepang’s Circuit Main entrance parking space, this two day event attracted over 40 participants .

A two-up format were used , where two cars were to compete on mirror courses, head to head ,then swap courses to for the second run. Both runs were timed and recorded without any elimination as drivers were allowed to continue regardless the results of their two up battles. So essentially the two up battle were for exhibition purpose as this was a timed event.

A mirror course is basically an identically opposing   course which is more confusing than it sounds.  As this was the first time I had ever competed in an event  such as this, I had totally screwed up my 2nd run as I was too distracted with what my opponent was doing rather than concentrating on my own run.

As the event started passed mid day on day one, we only had time for a  single timed run which was fortunate for Jane as she was not able to make it on the first day!

On the 2nd day, Jane was able to join us and  became my heads up partner through out the day. Anyway, I was chuffed at the fact that I was leading in the RWD category and was 2nd in the open category but on the final two runs, I was knocked out of the top position by 4 participants in the RWD category!!!

Anyway, Jane won the Fastest Female award…

while I got 2nd in the open Category



2nd place  Open Category  ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD

Fastest Female Award : AZRINA JANE ABDULLAH