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Perak Super Series Track Set up video

Here’s a video Wanbra took of me trying out various lines to set up the placement of the rear clipping zone.. the fact that the AE86 had a badly leaking exhaust manifold and a stuffed up flexi exhaust joint (strangely, the thing unraveled into a ball of wires  inside the joint itself) didn’t help one bit  with  the power hence the clutch kicking(s) during mid drift.

The in car video shows how hard it is to turn the steering. Unlike my AE86 coupe, the hatchback has unusually tight/hard steering action..I’ve tried everything from changing steering racks, reducing caster and chamber to changing lower arm but to no avail. Even AE86 experts such as Ivan Lau and Charlie are at the loss at offering a solution. So if anyone out there who could  help…One thing good though, my arms are super tone from the work out .

Full coverage of the event could be found at the link below


Perak Super Series : the Drift challenge incident..

dsc_00271I have to admit, this is only the second time I’ve been to the Dato Sagor track in Kampung Gajah but during  both occasions   I  always had and always will, have the impression that the inhabitants of this serene kampung were nothing short of being the most  hospitable and friendliest bunch of people I have ever met. Locals were ever so helpful whenever we were at the track; offering to buy us meals or drinks , helping us carry our tyres during changes even after we insist them not doing so. In fact, when Cheaka had some issues with her wheel spacer , one of the workshops nearby allowed us full excess to his tools and bolts without even batting an eye lid.


It is so unfortunate that the  incident had happened, some people got hurt, some  will get into trouble and the whole community has gotten a bad rep. I seriously do not know what the future  will hold for the Sagor track as far as events are concerned but all I implore everyone , especially those who weren’t there during the incident, to not  make things worse by your  speculations  and  accusasions..Enough said

Here are some photo taken of Pasir Salak Resort where we (Wanbra , Dzal , Cheaka and I) stayed for 3 days and 2 nights.A kampung style chalet , located in a middle of a village , across the river from the track ..

dsc_00252Wanbra ” eh..kita check in guna nama I ke?”


Cheaka by the pool over looking the river..



Authentic looking kampung style chalet…the only problem is every chalet looks the same..needless to say if it weren’t for the numbers we wouldn’t have been able to find our way back..



WRC Revolution Challenge results:

1st : Dzal

2nd: Cheaka

3rd: Skagee

4th: Wanbra


Photos of the actual  event will be posted later 🙂

Drifting in Singapore

One of our Singaporean forumer made this statement in one of her postings..”drift kat sg ni still like macam museum sikit ….just demos here and there …controlled areas…biasalah hor ..singapore …wat can u expect...”  which roughly translated means “drifting in singapore is a bit like a museum..just demos here and there..controlled areas…thats usually the case..its singapore ..wat can u expect…”..well I beg to differ 🙂 .. here is some pics taken of ,now Cheaka’s car ripping it up in Singapore.. there were a few other Singaporeans with me at that time but I think I better not post it , just in case 😉



The only thing is they were specific on what techniques were allowed as there were these signages errected everywhere..:)