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AW Drift Session 4.0 at MAEPS Serdang 22nd Jan 2017

AW Drift, the premier Drift event/competition organiser  in Malaysia, was founded in 2015 by Wanbra , Cheryl Chew and yours truly when we saw a lull in drifting activities in Malaysia. We started off by doing a 3 round competition in 2015 and a hugely successful 5 round series the following year. Upon seeing this , other organizer begun to follow our path and  started doing their own drift competitions , which is great for the sport and industry as a whole.

Besides competitions, AW Drift Events does organize drift sessions that allows drifters to have some seat time , test out their machinery or just to have fun!

Our first session for 2017 was held on the 22nd of January. We had a total of over 30 drifters! With a mixture of cars , from 1.6 NA to powerful tricked out 3 liters Turbo engines , they were all there going sideways during this fun session

 The course layout for that day was altered in order for all levels of skills and machinery power to be able to closely let alone to drift the whole course Speaking of skills we had a wide range of drifters from 10 years to just started drifting in this session!I

The course was wet periodically made wet to make those with lesser power to be able to keep up with the powerful ones but most importantly to save on tire wear which significantly keeps the cost down!

 Long drift trains are a common sight during our drift events And usually it comes with some fender rubbing which most of the drifters take it as part and parcel of the sport

Photos by Anjang Adien

Stay tuned for more upcoming events at AW Drift Events facebook page


Sabah Drift Challenger round 1@ BSA Kota Kinabalu 14th-15th April 2012

Once again the Borneo Sports Arena , affectionately known as BSA, plays host to the Borneo Drift Challenger competition. Held at the facilities car park,this drift event had competitors   coming from all over east Malaysia.A total of 28 drifters from Tawau, Miri , Sandakan and Kota Kinabalu had made the journey to get the chance to compete with the best drifters in East Malaysia.

For the competition, main organisers Kinabalu Sports car Owners Club (KSOC) and All About Cars had roped in Ee Yoong Chern, Ariff Johanis Ahmad and Azrina Jane Abdullah, all accomplished drifters and experienced judges, to design the track lay out , manage and also to judge the competition.

A unique two point location judging system were used , where two judges were placed at the traditional judging point and also one on  the course. This allows the judges to get a wider perspective of the whole competition thus eliminating the chances of judging error.

This two day event had the drifters pushing their limits on the fairly high speed  technical course. A high speed 3rd gear entry  course were laid out, which was a new experience to  a large number of the drifters which saw them  struggling initially but soon got the hang of it towards the end of the first day.

Besides the drift competition a race queen search was also held where the winner would be crowned  Miss Borneo Drift Challenger 2011.

Crowd favorite Ms  Nicole Ngu   literally stood head over heels to grab the title from 15 other girls in the pageant.

Joining the festivals were also car displays and stereo system sound off  which added to the carnival like atmosphere of the event. Booth selling car parts and merchandise were also included .

M7  being one of the official sponsor of the event , made it’s presence known in Kota Kinabalu by having a section , selling their products which included their Drive energy drink.

Day two saw the drifters returning with more aggression during practice, knowing that soon will be the qualifying round which will lead to the head to head tandem runs.


Thankfully the weather held as it threatened to shower numerous of times and we saw Teh Soo Jin crowned as the victor of the event after defeating local Kinabalu drifter Bob Mohd Syarin on a close battle. Sharing the podium in third was Ah Heng from KSOC.

With the roaring success of Round 1, Sabah Drift Challenger Round 2 is schedule to be held in September at the same location with the final round by the end of the year. Stay tune for more updates!