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The nice people from STAR newspaper in the Rage section , did a write up on us and added a nice video of our ” Drift Lesson” in Bukit Jalil on their website…though they got  my surname name wrong , they did get my quotes right…which I think is most important!! Here’s the video with Cheaka in it..

‘Drift Lesson’ @ Bukit Jalil 26/4/2009

Are those guys (gal) really first timers??‘ was what was asked to me numerous of times by spectators while  watching the participants    going at it towards the end of the day. ” You bet ” I said proudly 🙂 …


9 students braved the heat to join our first Sync Optima Drift Academy (SODA) held at one corner of car park A in Bukit Jalil while  a whole bunch of  others were battling it out at the other side during the Fento-D drift session!!

The 9; which includes 3 Singaporeans, 1 Autokhana ace  ,3 die hard Silvia/180sx enthusiast and 2 relatives ( which one so happens to be a girl), had to go thru 8 hours of grueling drift  tutorial which basically covered everything that needs to be known about drifting.


dscn0459-1.                       err.. sorry for the low res pics.. 😛

Towards the end of the day,  a  ‘fun course’ was set up for the participants to show off what they had learned.This caused a stir among the spectators as what was showcased wasn’t what you would expect from  first timers!! Obviously these people are a talented bunch which I had the hornour to be able to pass on what knowledge that I know, and all I hope is they carry on drifting cause at the rate they picking up stuff, they would give the seasoned pros a run for their money pretty soon!!


Please watch this space for up coming lesson …