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GAS Gymkhana Series 2017 Round 1: Pay back time!

Gymkhana Autocross Series or better known as GAS, had a roaring start for the first round of its series this year, where a total of over 23 slots were taken to fiercely contested in their respective categories in this 2 course event!

This event also serves as a sweet pay back for the Singaporean participants, whom made their way to the Kelang Valley to successfully contest in all the categories and made a healthy haul of trophies to bring back home!

This was the usual practice for the Malaysians ; where we would track to our neighboring country  and compete fairly successfully however with  Gymkhana racers that Singapore are developing , I would not such a cake walk anymore!This event also saw new faces like Lucas, driving a borrowed car which eventually giving him top spot in the Rear wheel drive road legal category!Last years Front Wheel Drive Road Legal and Pro overall Champion , Abdul Halim , piloting his ever successful Myvi managed to fend of Singaporean Chase Lim for top spot of both categories by the skin off his teeth. Both were seen observing each other times and only made their runs only after having theirs beaten! Chase Lim is a veteran in motorsports scene in Singapore and has vowed to compete in all 5 series this year!Though the numbers of participants in the AWD category were small, Sylvester did show his dominance by exhibiting smooth runs and were able to post a blistering time  which our local boys will find it hard to beat!

This event also had Malaysia’s drifters competing in the Rear Wheel Drive Pro category! Ah Seng, Sky Ho and Sam Jong a familiar name in the drift scene competed in their drift cars but struggled  to match the times of the other rear wheel drive cars which were mainly set up for this genre of motorsport! However Sky Ho managed to clinch 3rd stop for this round!This round also had last year’s Ladies overall champion competing in the Front wheel Drive Pro category which she managed to secure 3rd place with her precise runs! The Rear wheel drive Road Legal category had Singapore’s James Lee taking first!

Followed by Jeremy low also from Singapore in secondAnd Alvin Tan in third!Champion for the Open category and also posting the fastest time of the day goes to Mickey Teoh! Piloting the late Ben Lim’s MR-S , Mickey  impressively managed to post a time 2 seconds faster than his competitor with just a handful of runs and opt to sit out of the rest!

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Gymkhana Fest

We have been  so busy coming towards the end of the year that we  had to miss out on a lot of events. However we did managed to squeeze in a few in between our tight schedule and we were glad that we did

STAR Motoring Gymkhana Competition@ Bukit Jalil 19th  Sept 2012

This three day event was in conjunction with the STAR newspapers Auto carnival. The organisers had included a Gymkhana competition in its list of activities which includes a car show, ICE showoffs and race queen search etc. With the first 2 days reserved for beginners and newbies, the open competition was only held on the final day of the event. It was unfortunate that Jane was not able to make it to the event as she had prior arrangements she had to attend to.


Photo by Kurazevents


The format of the competition  was based on an accumulative time of two runs on mirrored courses. To make it visually exciting, they had the cars go head to head though the outcome of whom crosses the line first does not matter as it was a timed event.


Photo by Kurazevents

I was fortunate to be paired together with Yoong as he is super fast in this discipline.And knew if I could keep pace with him I definitly post a fast time. Throughout the event I was able to match his speed but when it came to the slalom section, Yoong would leave me in his wake.  Another fast driver ,Mickey Teoh, who is a veteran of this sport, managed to edge me out of the 2nd spot at the very last minute. Though disappointed with the third place finish  I was glad I was able to take all this in as experience and would learn and work on my weaknesses.


RWD Turbo category

3rd place ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD Team Sync  Optima

GRA Round 3 @ Sepang International Circuit Parking A 8th Oct 2012

Photo by Peter Low

Round 3 of the GRA series brought us to the Sepang course which is the fastest and the longest course in the GRA series. With more skillful drivers behind higher horsepower cars this year, I expected the competition to be fiecre .

Photo by Peter Low

The course had a mixture of slow corners with  the high speed ones, which takes abit of analysing to connect them to be able to gain the quickest  time. I had initial thought I  had the gist of how how I should tackle the course  but upon discussion with the rest of the more experienced autocrosses, I found out that I didnt even managed to scrape the surface of it. That with a set of not so grippy tires did not do me any favours when it came to my general classification standings but  I did however placed 2nd in the RWD turbo category .


TURBO RWD Category

2nd place ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD Team Sync Optima


ConeMasters International Gymkhana Round 3 @ SpeedCity KL 4th Nov 2012


Photo by Dennis Leong Photography

We had just completed a grueling Malaccan Petronas Xtrack event the day and had second thoughts about joining this event which was held on the next day. With the cars coming back late in the night and having to be unloaded from the trailers  along with the  tyres and equipment, this had meant that we would only get a handful of hours of sleep before having to head off to SpeedCity for the competition.However  with the thought of   me winning both of the previous rounds of the ConeMasters International Gymkhana series, I just could not resist to see if I could continue this winning streak in this event.

So with bleary eyes and aching muscles Jane and I made our way to SpeedCity for this 3rd round.

Photo by Speed Sniper

The  thing  I really like about the ConeMasters event is that everything is so relaxed and casual that you can’t help but have fun in them. So much so that our tiredness was soon forgotten as soon as we got there.

Photo by Speed Sniper

This round proved to be different as the course was designed more like an autocross event rather than a gymkhana event as there weren’t any donuts and slalom . A two up format was also adopted with both competitiors running on mirrored courses and then switching places  and with that the accumulative runs were added.  Hence making the result of the whom crosses the line first didn’t matter as it was still a timed event.

The only gripe everyone had was the course on paper did not look anything like what we had to compete on.It was totally confusing . So much so, that almost everyone had gotten the course wrong and was not able to post a time. One such victim of  this was Jane whom unfortunately had a strings of wrong courses and then decided to stop when she experienced engine misfiring  when it started to rain mid way into our first session

I ,too fell victim to the dredded misfiring when I drove into one of the huge puddle that scattered the place and had to limit my revs to only 5000rpm before having to upshift to keep the engine running smoothly.

Photo by Speed Sniper

Hoping to run again on the second session and get a timed run proved to be futile for Jane as the heavens open and poured what appeared to be the heaviest rain storm I had seen in years.

To my suprise ,it turned out that my 5000rpm rev limit runs on the first session was good enough to win in the RWD category and also clocking the fastest time of the day!

I’m totally stoked to be able to  make it three times Champion  in a row in this series.  Cant wait for Round 4!!


RWD Category

1st place ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD Team Sync Optima

DNF  Azrina Jane Abdullah Team Sync Optima



Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge Round 2 @ Sepang International Circuit 22 July 2012

Photo by Noelle Yg

After winning the RWD category  the  first round of Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge, I was  obviously eager to defend  my title for this second round. Word got out to Jane that I had so much fun during the first round that she decide to join this round too.


Upon hearing this, organiser extraordinaire, Ben Loh decided to  spice things up putting out a poster with both Jane and I on it with the caption ” Will Hubby Let Wifey Take The Win?”

Well everyone knows the answer to that, after all they don’t call me the “Boss” for nothing!

photo by Vaux RS

Jokes aside; the weather that day was wetter than an otters pocket, which was perfect as I ironically do better  in the wet than in the dry.

One thing I like about  how Conemasters operates was  ;We were given multiple timed runs within an allocated time for our category, which was unique for autocross/gymkhana events here. However despite posting the best time, I was relentless in improving my time as I was going against the best RWD competitor in Malaysia. With the likes of Mickey, Chris, Hafiz and Vijay, I knew that my time could easily be toppled at any given moment and had to continue to strive for the best time I could muster.

Jane with her drift set up competition car was struggling to get grip throughout the course. Though not being able to post a good time , her runs were spectacular to say the least.

Photo by Noelle Yg

The weather soon cleared up and it was soon scorching hot and it became more of a nail biting experience for me as my other competitors time were beginning to improve thus inching their way into the time I had set.

Photo by Noelle Yg

To my relief,  I clinched the  fastest RWD title for the 2nd consecutive time by the skin of my teeth  from  Mickey Teoh!


Well all I have to say Conemasters rocks!! From the swags to the pit girls to everything , it just rocks..Bring on round 3 Ben!!!



RWD Category

1st Place ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD Team Sync Optima



Most Spectacular Award