Blast from the past #4: Smoky Laurel

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This picture certainly brings back lots of memories: Sepang International Circuit, under the guidance on Datuk Ahmad Mustapha had open its doors drifting for the first time!!!

Sync Optima, after numerous of times holding drift events at the car park paddock , was invited to run the event which was in conjunction with their Sepang Drag Battle which was held later in the evening. The catch was , since we will be utilizing the straights, turn 1,2 and 3 , I was made to assure to the management that all the drifters were of the advance level. So I ended up rejecting a number of drifters from joining the event since my butt was on the line

Since entry speed was high and driver’s safety was paramount, this event was also where racing suits in drifting made its appearence. With Tengku Djan looking the part , fully suited ,gloves, shoes and helmet while on the other corner we find  a certain individual had a suit on but was caught drifting without a helmet??WTF???Well i think you know who the drifter is ,it isnt a suprise actually!!!First one who gives me the answer on shoutbox gets a free taxi ride from me or jane!!!

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