ACE Drift Challenge 2011 Round 2 @ A’famosa 23rd and 24th April 2011


Having performed badly during the 1st round of this year’s ACE Drift Challenge, it was critical that I do well during this round to have any chances of retaining the title of overchampion for this year. Alas, it was not meant to be with an early knock out during my best 16 run against Johan Norman. The S13 had intermittenly develop misfiring issues and sudden power drop during tsuiso and after 3 (?????) one-more-times, the combo of worn tyres and low power had me give in the Johan’s relentless aggressive runs. This basically has put an end to any hope for this year’s championship

On a better note, Jane performed beautifully through out the weekend inspite of the set back of breaking her gearbox.


Kian and Boy from Chikian workshop did a wonderful job of replacing the gearbox and had her going for the next day of the competition.
Jane had qualified 21st which places her into the best 32!!


Though having an early exit out of best 32, her run against Iranian Drifter , Shah in his 400bhp 180sx was a close one!! Only a uncharacteristic spin during her turn to lead had given the win away!!



9th place ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD Goodyear Sync Optima
21th place AZRINA JANE ABDULLAH Goodyear Sync Optima

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