Formula Drift Singapore 2011 @ F1 paddock 11th-12th June 2011


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Once again, held at the SIngapore F1 Paddock, the 2011 edition of Formula D singapore had Cheaka and I were egar to begin this session after a not so good ( :p) 2010 FD season last year!!Practice went great for both of us . The changes I had made in the S13 proved to have  work beautifully and Jane was getting the hang of the course by her third run of the day. However luck has it that the weather didn’t hold when the next group went out for practice and it stayed that way till qualifying! This had our group going out for qualifying on the unfamiliar wet slippery surface thus it was no suprise that half our group didn’t qualify due to spins , as Jane did   or did qualified lowly, as I did. Oh well…

Tandem practice went great the next day but during my first tsuiso battle in the best 32, I made the fatal mistake of diving in too early upon entry while following and did an uncharacteristic  half spin while leading causing my opponent, Koh Kae to hit me in the rear . I apologies furiously as I managed to rip apart the whole front of his cerfiro, taking the intercooler and oil cooler out in the process!! It was a silly mistake I made but I still left me wondering what made my rear suddenly go light while at the hair pin!! Oh well..(no 2)

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 Anyways so much for that but on the good note I was very pleased at how I have finally got SLOW’s handling sorted out( finally) and Jane though didnt qualify , was able to show case  her ever improving skills and maturity and was able to mix with the big boys!!

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