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Updates: August and Sept!!

Wow.. time surely flies when you’re having fun. So much so that I have totally lost track of the updates done on the blog. My sincere apologies.

The following are quick updates of what we have been up to these past two months!

Pirelli Cinturato Dealers Launch 4th and 5th August 2012

Sync Optima was commissioned by the Kit Loong , the distributors of Pirreli , to do a launch for their new line of Cinturato tires to their dealers. We had a fleet of cars which ranges from Myvis up to BMW 5 series  being supervised by trained instructors for this event.

We had a dry and wet course set up done for the dealers to have a better understanding of the tires handling characteristics.

TGIF’s Fathers Day Competition sponsored by Castrol and YHI Yokohama 26th August 2012

In conjunction with Fathers Day, TGIF ran a competition that gave out free drift lesson to fathers . We were fortunate to be given the opportunity to introduce  and teach two lucky winners the sport of Drifting.

This would not be made possible without the generous  sponsors from  YHI Yokohama and Castrol lubricants.

The day ended with an free open drift session to all the drifters present.

FederationD RacePOD Drift Series round 5  2nd September 2012

We were roped in judge for round 5 held at MIMC circuit in Malacca. The RacePod series is currently the most regular drift series here in Malaysia .

Participated by the finest drifters from Malaysia and also participants from Singapore and Indonesia, we are glad to be part of this series and will be taking a more active role in the future.

New lesson car: Skyline GTR 32  15th Sept 2012

Besides our trust worthy AE86 ,we have purchased a new platform for rental to be used during our Sync Optima Drift Academy lessons. And no, it is not a typo, but  it is really  a GTR 32. A rear wheel drive GTR running on SR20!! To add to the queerness , is this car is running on 15 inch wheels. I would have to say that this is the world’s first !

I’ve been testing it during SpeedCity’s saturday night sessions and I am glad to say that this car is ready to be rented! Please contact Jane at for rental rates!!

Mini Hari Raya Gathering : Wangan Session and Goodyear DuraPlus tire review # 2 (20/9/2009)

It is a tradition for us to  have a meet up during the many  festive holidays that our multi national country celebrates. For this Hari Raya we had a  gathering in Sunway for a mini Wangan session to a secret location  😉 . Bringing the panda AE86 to  a meet such as this ,perfectly  exemplify the term ‘ Bringing a knife to a gun fight‘  especially in the presences of 500WHP Skylines ,Type Rs and a couple of souped up Hondas!


However there was a reason for this . I was given a set of ,         Goodyear DuraPlus to do a review a while back. Testing it in drift application had me using up the rear but the fronts we still as good as new! I had actually bought an extra pair of DuraPlus and found that this gathering was a perfect opportunity to test these tires under these condition. Being H rated tires, the Goodyear DuraPlus’s maximum recommended speed rating is about 210Km/h which is about as fast as my AE86 could go. As this test was being conducted by the seat of my pants ,without the aid of any form of scientific measuring device ,all I could conclude was

A)Low tire noise. while this fact may not bother some performance orientated drivers , I do find that the lack of humming or noise emitting from the tires gives me more confidence traveling at speed. Furthermore, the lack of tire noise allows you to hear other things that might be a warning or tell tale  signs on your car’s condition (ie: pinging)

B)Structural integrity; as expected , the tires did not developed an form of thread deformity or such after a number of high speed runs. This doesn’t come as a surprise as we had found similar results during our drift testing , which I believe is more abusive to tires!

C) Less rolling resistance. To be perfectly honest, the sensation of having less rolling resistance may just be a psychological effect from reading the product brochure 🙂 But somehow I felt the car was a lot smoother at 33 psi pressure in the tires  compared to the others I have tested. So don’t flame me on this 😛  One good indication of the lack of rolling resistance is from the fuel economy performance but i think  you’ll understand that in this case there’s an exception

Anyways here are the pictures of the cars that turned up that night