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KBS Malaya Drift Battle Round 2@ Putrajaya 19th-20th March 2011

To put it plainly; the second round of the KBS Malaya Drift Battle competition was a bitter sweet experience for Team Goodyear Sync Optima. Bitter for Jane  for her engine decided to ‘kick the bucket’ mid way through the practice session on day one ! It was even more disappointing as  Jane had gotten the course down and was  drifting it worthy  of a top 6 qualification run! It was so unfortunate as she was really looking forward to this event as it was to be the first time she will be  flying the colors of her new sponsor ,RedBull along side our title sponsor Goodyear! Rest assured, Jane will bounce back and will do everyone proud on the up coming events…I am sure of it.

This event was sweet for me as this is my first win for the year 2011 but also this marks the first ever 1st place finish  in a drifting competition on Goodyear  Eagle F1 Asymmetric tyres  in Malaysia!!!

Though qualifying was in the dry, which I managed to bag 2nd place, the majority of the tandem battles was done in the wet/semi wet condition. As most of you know, the Asymmetric is phenomenal in the wet and this is what I attribute as the major contribution to my success in this competition!! I had grip in parts of the courses while others on other tyres had none.Thanks  Goodyear 🙂

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric


Anyway, my apologies for the lack of photos as we our resident photographer ,Kevin Boey, was busy taking part in a  Gymkhana event held at the parking space next to the drift course. Kevin got 8th in his class which isn’t too bad!!

Top 4 parade

Jane’s handiwork on my broken bumper…lots love and cable ties were put into it 🙂

Receiving my 1st place trophy..Yipeee!!!! Not only that, I got two more prizes for Best Performer and Best Disciplined Drifter ( that’s a first )!!!!!

.…..which I decided to present to our Sync Optima teammates during  on our own mock prize giving ceremony: Cheryl Chew gets the Best Discipline trophy for studying hard , turning up for classes and on track for graduation this May, Mike Khong gets the Best Performer for somehow being able to avoid getting his lazy ass kicked out of  uni for all these time! Such a performer , he is !! Last but not least Jane gets the 1st place throphy, for being my partner, spotter and my teammate in everything…oh yeah, the handsome dude in the green shirt is ‘Datuk’ Terence Lim who got 2nd in FR category in  the Gymkhana event.He was reluctant to have his photo taken but I thought he was too sexy to not be included  .Unfortunately Kevin Boey is not in the picture as he was at the pit taking care of our stuff…thanks buddy !!


1st Place Ariff Johanis Ahmad       Goodyear Sync Optima

2nd Place Bullzai                           Formula MD Garage

3rd Place Tan Tat Wei                     Goodyear

4th Place   Ken

DNS  Azrina Jane Abdullah             Goodyear Sync Optima

Best Performer and Best Discipline : Ariff Johanis Ahmad  Goodyear Sync Optima


Goodyear International Drift Series round 1, PUTRA JAYA 12th-13th June 2010

With a horrendous Formula Drift Malaysia 2009 and the Formula Drift Singapore 2010, Team Goodyear Sync Optima was really looking forward to the Goodyear International Drift Series . We had the cars prepared and preserve ( ie:not using on competitions following to it) as this competition  is on the top of our priority list for this year!

picture taken from paultan.org

First day of practice went by perfectly as Jane and I basically got the course wired within a couple of tries and we were confident on doing well the next day.

Day two had us split into two groups whith us in the first group of practice.Having 1 hour of practice each group we had more than enough time to practice for the qualifying scheduled later.  As my ‘wonderful’ luck had it, 15 minutes before our groups practice ends, my prop shaft had twisted to a pretzel!!

With only slightly over  an hour before qualifying to get the parts and fix it. I knew it would be  an impossible task ( which my crew did try anyway..thanks guys) and my day was over. So its a DNS ( Did Not Start) for me which I think is even worse than not qualifying 😛

Jane ,once again ,had her nerves get the best of her and fumbled during qualifying…oh well …call me a sadist but bring on round 2!!!


DNS: Ariff Johanis Ahmad

DNQ: Azrina Jane Abdullah

Goodyear International Drift Series Round 2, MIMC Malacca 31st July-1st August 2010

photo from paultan.org

It was back to MIMC Malacca but this time for Goodyear International Drift Series Round 2. Having exprience the short comings of the car here , we had the s13 set up differently and was eager to see how it handles. Car handled alot better  but we  reckon that there were alot  more we could do to improve on . As always that will have to wait till after this event, once we get back to the shop .

photo taken by sham Tom
photo taken by Sham Tom

Jane had also improve remarkably with her runs now being more consistent and aggressive. We did practice tsuiso togather but she spent the bulk of  the the practice session with Tan Tat Wei .


Held the next day, qualifying had me leading during the first round with 87.5 points. However I was knocked off by Djan who had a 91.6 on the 2nd run!

Jane’s runs were smooth with  uninterrupted drifts . However her distance from the clipping points and zones  had caused a huge deduction in points hence having her failed to get to the Best 16. Nailing the points and zones is something I believe she well get better with easily, at the rate she is improving now.

photo from paultan.org

Top 16

Having qualified 2nd had placed me on the other corner of the tandem chart which means I had to go out last!The waiting gave me the opportunity to get to know my tandem partner,Chester.He was driving a borrowed s14 since he car was badly damage during a crash at round 1! During our tandem battle I had managed to pull a gap when I was infront  .While following, Chester had straighten slightly at the first rear clipping which forced me to back down my pace.However there wasn’t any interruption of my drift all the way to the finish.

photo from paultan.org 

Top 8

For the next round , I had to go against a friend and fellow Goodyear mate, Ivan Lim. He was struggling  of setup issues through out the event!! This had him straightening  and taking the inner line while I was leading and going off course during initiation during his turn to  lead.

photo from paultan.org

Top 4

Ivan Lau and I always joked about how we never get to go against each other during competition.For this round we both got ourwish. While leading, I managed to get ‘an advantage’ when Ivan straighten and with me pulling a gap between us. During my turn to follow, Ivan had controlled his pace during the start forcing me to initiate at a much slower speed than I was used to. This made me  having to down shift immediately after initiation and fumbled during the up shift causing me straighten considerably longer than Ivan’s during the 1st run. The win was awarded to Ivan. I will definitely be wiser the next time around!!

photo from paultan.org 

3rd and 4th

The final spot on the podium had me against Djan. He had qualified first , so he had the first lead run. I managed to narrow the gap though he had gained a healthy lead at the start. However I felt my line wasnt as good . Going into the 2nd run being unsure of who had the advantage, had me doing  my best qualifying run only to see Djan in the barrier when I was approaching the rear clipping zone.Thankfully the crash was minor and no one was hurt!

photo from paultan.org 

Though this wasn’t the first time being on the podium this year, I felt that this occasion  was something special as it is   Goodyear’s event..Hopefully my luck holds and do good  for the up coming events!

Videos by eddie ZAKUMALAYA


1st Place IVAN LAU (Bridgestone)

2nd Place TAN TAT WEI (Bridgestone)

3rd Place ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD (Goodyear Sync Optima)