Bike Nite #5 @ Putrajaya 3rd Dec 2010

Our little night bike rides have grown in members as we made up a total of 12 riders  for this session!! I am also glad  that the number of BMXs in the group have increased to 2 ( should have been 3 but the 3rd one suffered a pinch punture while ridding off a curb). Anyway, the 2 hour ride went by like a breeze with Terrence Lim on his Rm27,000 mountain bike bagging the king of sprint award for the night!!

12 minus 1 ( me)  all ready to embark on our ‘epic’ adventure

At the ‘Glass Tower” (as Joe Han calls it) ..hmm doesnt that bmx on the left looks familiar?

Datuk Terrence Lim on his mega dollar bike….you can almost smell the money as he cycles by!!!

At one one of the many stadiums in Putrajaya..

Wake Boarding lake

Shan did the highest bunny hops I had ever seen in real life..tried to capture it on camera but it was too slow..his hops were about 3 feet high!!

Kev’s partner has gone overseas, so he got himself a companion that accepts batteries… loved it so much he brought it along for the ride..he claims its a torch light though

Cheryl ( left) on her new bike … a 24″ MTB…really cute I think

Our last stop before heading back to our cars

All 12 of us this time!!

4 thoughts on “Bike Nite #5 @ Putrajaya 3rd Dec 2010

  1. Mike Kong

    awesome night ride! the group has grown to a considerable “proper” size. tats a good achievement for the organizers! cheers!

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