Bike ride @Putrajaya Challenge Park 7th Dec 2010

After biking in Taman Pertanian we then decided to go to the Challenge Park in Putrajaya. Joe Han had been here before with Mike and we were told of the ‘challenging’ trails they rode on. So thinking that I managed Taman Pertanian with the BMX , the Park wouldn’t so different. Boy was I wrong…

Even climbing up the  roads that led to the trails had me huffing and puffing till I had to dismount and push the bike up. The climb were way too steep for what gearing my bike had. Finally we reached our entry and they were marked by their difficulty..RED: Experts ..BLUE: Intermediate…GREEN: Beginner.  We both decided to go for  BLUE since we consider ourselves really average in our bike handling skills. We were met with a fairly challenging single trail which had me tip toeing my little 20″ wheels through the rocks and terrain. The problem started when we started going down hill..with only one brake which was at the rear and  with tyres that were meant for tarmac..I was literary going down hill sideways as my rear wheels were permanently locked. This didn’t help at all in slowing down the bike and had me having to bail off it a few problem didn’t just end there; going up hill was way to technical for the gearing I have. The gradient wasnt much a problem but due to the narrow track I had to negotiate,the speed I was travelling was too slow for wat gearing I had. So dismounting was all I did anytime it when it went upwards. After a few times of doing this ,we decided to try the Green ( beginner) course which was barely do’able 😛

The Green Course had really wide trails which made it a bit easier..

but ridding  on a bike  with  only one brake isnt such a smart thing to do…

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