Saturday Nite Drift @ SpeedCity 10th Sept 2011

SpeedCity is notorious for its car crashes.Not suprising, as all we see circulating through the media  are the spectacular carnages; From Along rempits wall ride to Tony “The Thunder” Angelo’s thundering flip!!!  It seems that is all people talk about whenever there’s an event or session held there. So much so that this place has  widely been  known as “CrashCity”.

However, from our experience through our private drift lessons and sessions held at SpeedCity, we have found that this wasn’t necessarily true .As organisers for  Singapore Drift Garage’s DriftToxic session held last month, we were able to squeeze three different courses running simutaniously which includes ; a fast challenging third gear drift course, a beginners course and a Fun tsuiso course without a single casualty for the whole day! !


 Well to cut a long story short; the organisers had realised this and made proper necessary changes that made this event a fun and safe yet also challenging with its fairly fast 3rd gear entry! There were ZERO casualties this round and the Drifters enterence fee was only RM60!!! Too bad the response wasn’t as good as expected but come next week I bet this place will be as hot as  MARDI was!! Jane and I will be there next week…hope to see the rest of you too!!


  photo by ker0l takashi

photo by kerol takashi

Many thanks to Kerol for the photos he took with his Blackberry…I lifted them via Facebook..heheheheh 🙂

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