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Liqui Moly Ceratec Long Term Review: This sh*t really works!!!!

Finally after having Liqui Moly’s Ceratec added in my Silvia S13 on 6th May 2011 , one year and 9 days later , I had decided to do an oil change!!

Though not being a daily driver , this S13 had clocked over 4,000 km of hard driving  since the Ceratec additive was poured in .This includes, 2 track days in Sepang, 5 drift sessions , 1 drift competition and 3 autocross/gymkhana events and of course the commute through and fro to the events! In all honesty, this is not the norm as I usually schedule  my oil change based on number of events, which is 2 events for my competition cars  or  on every 6th month for those  road cars that is hardly driven.

Despite the abuse the lubricant had gone through, there weren’t any  noticible drop of the oil’s preformance which I base it on;  oil tempreture, smoothness of engine during acceleration and quietness of the  engine at idling.

So we got the car up the hoist and proceeded to drain the oil.

Though expected , it was still shocking to see the oil that  came out looked almost like black paint!!

Amusingly ,this caused a fair bit of commotion among the people at the shop.  Anyway, with the engine oil drained, the oil filter was replaced , a fresh can of synthetic engine oil was poured in and I was good to go.

Ceratec is said to be able to last for at least 4 oil changes once the additive had bonded with the internal engine components. So I was eager to see if there were any noticable differences and proceeded to test the car on the way back home. The first thing I looked at was the oil temperature  ; The oil temperature readings remained similar to the water temperature and were just a couple of degrees higher than than water after pushing the car a fair bit! This is one characteristic which I found unique when using Ceratec as I usually run on a higher oil tempreture as compared to water. I did not detect any changes of smoothness of engine and the car idled the same as before the oil change.  Please with the result , I headed home and planned to use the car again for an up coming autocross event  the following  weekend, unknowingly  which turned out to be the real test for the Ceratec Oil additive!


On that weekend ,I took a slow drive to the location  of the event and  while warming up the car prior to  my run, I had decided to adjust my shift light and proceeded to rev the engine to set the limit. A saw a puff of smoke coming out of the engine bay when I lifted off the throttle and thought that the car had suddenly develop a bit of blow by from the idling it had done and didn’t pay much attention to it.With the air condition on and stereo playing, I begin heard  loud rattling noises . As there were a few cars around me, all warming up their engines prior to their runs, I had thought that it must have came from one of the other cars. Yes..I’m an idiot…anyway a least 2 minutes had passed when suddenly I saw Jane running up to me ,telling me to kill the engine!! It was then I had realised that the noise had actually came from my car. Popping the hood , revealed that the oil filter had came undone causing the engine oil to splash out out all  over the engine. What caused this is another story all together but I was truly devastated at the  thought of an expensive engine rebuild , as posted on my  page.

I checked the dip stick and there weren’t a single drop of oil in the engine. Basically I had the car idling on an empty sump!! Things really looked bleak as I  waited for what felt like an eternity  for my mechanic to arrive. Eventually he did and had the the oil filter fitted back , poured some synthetic engine oil back into the engine and proceeded to start the engine. To my relief , the engine run fine. There weren’t any audible bearing noises which attributed to engine bearing damage and the rattling noise I had heard earlier were the oil starved hydraulic tappets which functioned fine once the engine was filled with oil!

Anyway the car worked fine and did not experience any drop of power  as I managed to go out and got a couple of decent runs but sadly , still got my ass handed back to me.:)

I find it ironic  that we often  see demonstration of oil additives protection on rigs that don’t look a bit like an engine internal.They usually involve a spinning bearing against something metallic to illustrate friction. Well, lo and behold , Liqui Moly Ceratec had just done one on a real working engine, thanks to yours truly and all I have to say is’ thank god  this sh*t works!!’



Ministry of Youth and Sports (KBS) Drift Challenge round 1@ Putrajaya 31st March-1st April 2012

As I have said before; the Palace of Justice’s parking space where the drift sessions and competitions are normally held has the best surface in Malaysia. Rightfully so , as the Ministry had invested alot of money  on resurfacing the place just for the sport of drifting! This is something that Malaysian Drifters should be proud of as I have yet to hear of  any other country where the government has invested so much for this sport. As a result, I make it a point to turn up to any event of competition held there by the Ministry to show my support and my appreciation to them.

photo: Zakumalaya

The KBS Drift Challenge was no exceptition and for this round, Jane and I had decided to play host to Murata from Final Connexion/Samurai Racing by sponsoring him a stay and a ride for this event. I was  impressed with Murata’s drifting especially during the 2009 FD Thailand where he not only knocked me out for best 8 but was stop from going further by some dubious judging calls . Anyway he along with Namza and Karn made their way here and made do with what we had to offered him Thankfully,J4M8u proved to be a decent enough ride for him to agree to compete in.

Also joining us for this event were KSOC’s Milton and Mah Lao. This was the first time for Milton to compete in the peninsular and was using a newly acquired 180sx he had just purchase from JB. However he blew the engine the night before and was forced to qualify in Mah Lao’s s15 which he was not to familiar with.

photo: Zakumalaya

Mah Lao faired a bit better without any major mechnical issues but failed to make it to the best 16. With better prepearation I am sure both of them will do alot better the next time around

Photo: Alarmist

Making his comeback, Mike Kong with his 5 year drift experience, managed to qualify and get into best 8 while piloting his girlfriends KE70! Alot of time and resources will be needed to make the KE70 competitive, which  will definitely yield even better results in the future.

photo: Zakumalaya

Jane qualified 11th but was knocked out early due to her front tires failing.

Huge chucks of rubber tore out the the tires causing her to understeer badly during the tandem run against Johari Matsalleh

photo: Roy Zakaria

As for me, I qualified 3rd and made it all the way to the finals.


 photo: Roy Zakaria

I had to go against Bullzai who did a good job qualifying 1st for the event. With him leading the 1st run, I had managed to win the advantage going into the 2nd run! On the next run, Bullzai made a huge correction leading to the final corner but as luck has it, I spun less than a meter before the finish. I can’t figure what happen but I had accepted defeat.

photo: Roy Zakaria

Murata managed to edge out Along Rempit for the final spot on the podium!

Though bitterly disappointed with just throwing my win away, I was content with 2nd place. What I was most happy with ,was Team Sync Optima did  a great job with a 2nd , 3rd, 8th and 11th finish !



1st Place BULLZAI team BZR

2nd Place Ariff Johanis Ahmad Team SYNC OPTIMA

3rd Place Atsushi Murata  Team SYNC OPTIMA Samurai Racing

8th Place Mike Kong Team SYNC OPTIMA

11th Place Azrina Jane Abdullah Team SYNC OPTIMA



SODA session @ Shah Alam 18th Feb 2012

We had 8 participants joining us for this session which the majority were our former students from Singapore.  Huge improvements were gained by the end of the day with some venturing into tandem drifting.

Some important basics were often overlooked but were stressed on during this session

Bob was definitely the most improved drifter from the bunch.

Tips were given throughout the day

Francis is certainly getting familiar with his cockroach mobile and is getting pretty consistent with his drifting


The participants


Great to see the participants leaving with their car  panels and bodykits still intact 🙂

Long Term Review : Liqui Moly Ceratec .. So far so good!

It has been almost 9 months since I  poured a bottle of Liqui Moly Ceratec into my road legal drift car . This was during the Ultra Racing’s Drift Challenge in Batu Pahat and I have yet to get the oil changed on the S13!!  Besides the  lack of time as the major reason for not doing so, I have not found the reason to do so. For one; The S13 had only accumulated a total of slightly above  2000 kilometers since the last oil change, which was also when I poured the Ceratec in .However, one should take note that this was 2000 kilometers of hard driving and drifting as this car use to be a regular at MARDI’s weekly drift events ( that place still rocks!!) and two; I did not experience any noise or heat issues related to engine oil breaking down. To put it plainly, the engine runs as smoothly and quietly as it did 2000 kilos ago.

In all honesty, heat is the only quantitative indicator that I am basing this review on as I do not have any instruments to measure smoothness or quietness . However I do know when the  engine is excessively noisy or running a bit rough  which I am happy to say it is not.

So now we know this product works. Next is to see if this product lives up to the claim of continual protection even after 3-4 oil changes. Stay tuned as I get the  s13 oil changed!!