Batu Pahat Ultra Racing Challenge 2011@ Johore 6th-7th May 2011

Its has been a while since we last competed in Johore and were excited to hear that Batu Pahat would be having one this weekend. Due to  budget constrains , Jane and I decide to ‘rough it out’ by just going by ourselves sans crew. To add to that, I even brought the road S13 to compete with  due to its lower running cost ( the competition s13 was being painted anyways). Inspite of all that , Jane and I had a blast that weekend. It really reminded us of the time when we both first started drifting; Having to take care of everything from logistics to competiting.Things went surprisingly smooth but of course it would be even nicer if we had the usual crew with us ;).

photo Sebastion Lee

Anyways , this competition is the classic example of great performance but poor results. Jane kicked butt through out the whole weekend with her smokey, high speed drifting but missed out on the best 16 by two spots due to ECU problems during both of her runs!Her car bogged down midway through her drift on the 2 runs she had! This problem is being recitified at the moment


For me, I had a ton of fun practicing tsusio’ing  the whole weekend ,managed to  qualified 1st but was caught at the hairpin during my best 16 run due to a different-from-qualifying-run-line run by my opponent. I was totally to be blamed and was kicking myself silly for it besides, the opponent was a friend of mine so it didnt matter that he got to advance 🙂 So this gave me the oppurtinity to kick back and hang out with Jane  at the judging stand and poke fun at the judges and MC throught out the competition!!

This weekend also gave me the oppurtinity to test out another Liquid Moly product !!

As you all know, we have been using the Liqui Moly Octane Plus the whole of 2010 which I attribute to the reliability of my Turbo AE86  which is running on pump fuel. What this product does is it bumps the octane level of the fuel when added into your  fuel tank .This results in the fuel burning cooler which essentially elimanates detonation or knocking. The road S13  and Janes 180sx which runs of pump fuel , worked wonderfully the whole weekend with a bottle of it in  the fuel tank.

The next product that I got to use was the Liqui Moly Ceratec Engine Oil additive . Quiet honestly ,both me and my mechanic are a bit anal about engine oils . We have tried a number of products but we ended up using to our usual choice of engine lubricant which I have been using for almost 13 years!! Anyway,  VS Look , the LiquidMoly Johore Baru distributer came to me and suggested I pour it into my engine to see its benefits of reducing friction, thus reducing wear and engine tempreture. He even brought Chester Lim , a drifter/mechanic/business owner whom patiently explained the properties of the additive and assured me I will be happy with the result. Due to the high engine oil tempretures I was experiencing the whole weekend,I decided to give it a shot and poured the product into the engine .I  let it idle for about  10 mins (the recommended proper priming process takes a few engine heat up and cool down cycles) and saw the result was apparent immediately when i took the car out for my practice runs!!. Usually I would run on a hotter oil tempreture as compared  to my water tempt.  But with Ceretec, my engine oil was either similar or slighty lower than my water tempt even after a few spritied runs ! I was told that the coating that the ceretac leaves in the engine internals will last for about 3-4 oil changes before having to be reapplied!! I would be updating you guys on its effect after a long term use but at the moment , this stuff rocks!!

Last but not least the Goodyear Aysmetric tyres; this drift course had the tendency to wear down the driver’s side tyres more than the other. The beauty of the running Asymeterics are you could just switch the rims and tyres without having to worryabout rotation. So that exactly what Jane and I did after a few laps thus giving us even thread wear and extended drifting time as compared to those running rotationals!! Check out the wear!! Perfect!


9th place ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD  Goodyear Sync Optima

DNQ           AZRINA JANE ABDULLAH Goodyear Sync Opima

Top Qualifier : ARIFF JOHANIS AHMAD Goodyear Sync Optima

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