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Blast from the past #3: Drift Skyline

Someone asked about my drift Skyline on our Shoutbox and that got me looking at old pictures of her. This is a picture taken by Hilal which I think is one of the best I have ever seen of her. Cyberjaya doing 3rd on a tight street course…yes there were many crashes that day!!!Now Lim Joe Han  of DriftHouse is the proud owner ,who  gives her a lot of  TLC

photo by Hilal

White no more???

Looking at the recent photos of the Thailand Goodyear International Drift Series, we see that white is no longer the required base color of all Goodyear cars..Thats good news as it is no secret that  Jane and I really aren’t really fond of white ..

So looks like its back to black!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!