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Grass Racing Autosports Championship Finale ,Putrajaya 18th Oct 2009

Fresh from the Stardrift Finals , Jane , Jensen and I made our way to another finals , this time the GRA’s Round 4.   Held at  the huge parking lot besides the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya, this event had a record number of participants of over 6o people!!!. .

Though not impossible , I knew it was difficult for me to be able to get into the top 3, on the overall standing having missed a round in this 4 round series. However , with me doing  two ‘wrong courses ‘ along with  a corrected run ( where I redid a section where I made a mistake while the time is still running) and a safe run  had me plummeting down the score board ,out of contention.

 With that  being said; Jane and Jenshen killed it at Putrajaya with Jane winning best female and bagging a placing in the Novice  OD for 2009  and Jenshen for placing 2nd in Novice OD for this round and 4th  for OD overall

Yoong proved to be unstoppable again by posting 2nd fastest time of the day. He settled with 2nd behind Andy Kow in the  final overall scores but who know what the outcome will be if he had not missed the 2nd round .

Two drifters made their appearence with in this event too, Derek Lim and Mervyn ‘Nangka Murah’  Mohd with Mervyn placing 1st for novice OD ( i think :)) for this round!!

Anyway, here are some pics from that day