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On a lazy Sunday afternoon…


..there’s nothing like hanging out at the garage ,waiting for friends to arrive..


..then  having a late lunch by the road side…


There’s nothing like having to follow a truck full of tyres and cones to some obscure location …


then watch a simple but fun set up take shape…


Watching friends changing  the dreaded  front tyre puncture with minimal fuss…..


and watching others having fun…on a lazy Sunday afternoon…

Pictures of Jebat Drift King Challenge 2008 is up


Pictures of the  coverage of the Jebat Drift King Challenge 2008 is up in forum.

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Jebat Drift Challenge 2008

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Malaysian Drift Challenge Round 2:Day 2 Competition

Bridgestone’s Tan Tat Wei takes the crown for round 2 , with Falken’s Zulfika taking second once again. Johan Norman of Goodyear despite of a failing engine takes third. winnersFourth goes to Johari Mat Salleh, fifth  to Federal’s Mervyn Mohd.While sixth goes to Wan Boss and seventh and eight goes to Derrick and Burn respectively. More update later..


Malaysian Drift Challenge Round 2:Day 1 Practice


Today was the official practice for round 2 ,the final round, for the Malaysian Drift Challenge 2008 .Held at the Morac Speedway track, the session started at 2 pm which had 35 expert and novice drifters  getting  some serious practice seat time for tomorrow’s main event.It is expected that more drifters will be joining the event tomorrow ,making the total of 30 expert and 20 novice drifters


Since Cheaka’s services won’t be needed for this time around, she will be participating for this round in the expert catagory. I’m sure everyone will be assured that my judging towards her runs would not be bias :). Speaking of judging, I have decided that this would most probably be the last time I would be judging for this series as I plan to compete in it next year. I have full confidence in Loyai and crew to be able to fill in once I leave.


For this round competitors and spectators alike will be treated to a new addition to the MC’ing  with the inclusion of Nadia who is currently learning the ropes for our very own ‘Mat Cakap’ Wanbra.

groupIt begun to rain 15 minutes before the session ended at 6.30pm. Needless to say , a majority of the drifters took the opportunity to practice under the wet condition which will prove to be useful if it rains tomorrow during the competition.

Tomorrow another offical practice will take place  at 8.30 am ,followed by the qualifying and tsuiso battle. Hope to see you there..


The Blog is Up!!


Hi guys. In light of having to post up results of our competitions, events , general news and updates promptly ; we have decided to start up a blog. I will try to keep stuff here short and sweet and post the full coverage in our forum section.

Those who have registered and have yet to do an introduction will not have excess to the entire forum and will be removed after a certain period of time. So guys, please do your introductions using the template given. Thanks