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GAS Gymkhana Series 2017 Round 1: Pay back time!

Gymkhana Autocross Series or better known as GAS, had a roaring start for the first round of its series this year, where a total of over 23 slots were taken to fiercely contested in their respective categories in this 2 course event!

This event also serves as a sweet pay back for the Singaporean participants, whom made their way to the Kelang Valley to successfully contest in all the categories and made a healthy haul of trophies to bring back home!

This was the usual practice for the Malaysians ; where we would track to our neighboring country  and compete fairly successfully however with  Gymkhana racers that Singapore are developing , I would not such a cake walk anymore!This event also saw new faces like Lucas, driving a borrowed car which eventually giving him top spot in the Rear wheel drive road legal category!Last years Front Wheel Drive Road Legal and Pro overall Champion , Abdul Halim , piloting his ever successful Myvi managed to fend of Singaporean Chase Lim for top spot of both categories by the skin off his teeth. Both were seen observing each other times and only made their runs only after having theirs beaten! Chase Lim is a veteran in motorsports scene in Singapore and has vowed to compete in all 5 series this year!Though the numbers of participants in the AWD category were small, Sylvester did show his dominance by exhibiting smooth runs and were able to post a blistering time  which our local boys will find it hard to beat!

This event also had Malaysia’s drifters competing in the Rear Wheel Drive Pro category! Ah Seng, Sky Ho and Sam Jong a familiar name in the drift scene competed in their drift cars but struggled  to match the times of the other rear wheel drive cars which were mainly set up for this genre of motorsport! However Sky Ho managed to clinch 3rd stop for this round!This round also had last year’s Ladies overall champion competing in the Front wheel Drive Pro category which she managed to secure 3rd place with her precise runs! The Rear wheel drive Road Legal category had Singapore’s James Lee taking first!

Followed by Jeremy low also from Singapore in secondAnd Alvin Tan in third!Champion for the Open category and also posting the fastest time of the day goes to Mickey Teoh! Piloting the late Ben Lim’s MR-S , Mickey  impressively managed to post a time 2 seconds faster than his competitor with just a handful of runs and opt to sit out of the rest!

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The conclusion of GAS Gymkhana Series 2016! Bring on 2017!


GAS Gymkhana series 2016 held its final round of the series on the 18th December 2016.Using MAEPS ,Mardi Serdang as the venue for all its 5 rounds, GAS which is on its 2nd year of running is proud to be instrumental in reviving the sport of Gymkhana in Malaysia, with other organisers now running similar events with many using GAS as the template for their events for rules n regulations and also for categories.

FB_IMG_1484193335898This is commendable considering that this a self funded event with a very small team!

However, we attribute our success to the undying support the Gymkhana community had given us.Words of encourgements n valueble advice were used to guide us throughout this past 2 years! FB_IMG_1484193365442We were privilged to have Gymkhana celebrities such as Mitch Chong who was our course judge for the past couple of events ,lending a hand and also Mickey Teoh in helping us promoting our humble event!

FB_IMG_1484193350846And of course, those who participated in our events played an important role in making this event a success

FB_IMG_1484193359167Participants like Abdul Halim who had not missed a single GAS event every since we started! This is a participant that has to travel 8 hours to just participate as he resides in Kuala Terengganu! We are most fortunate to have him in our events!FB_IMG_1484193425931

  • The beauty of Gymkhana, with the multiple categories being contested, is the mixture of cars contesting; not only there are varieties in drive trains but also the state of build! From the stock show room standard to the stripped out purpose built cars can be seen competing!FB_IMG_1484193411489We have participants such as Mr Chow, in his stock standard Proton Wira , who placed 2nd in the Front Wheel Drive Road Legal Category,FB_IMG_1484193392337And we have En Fadly Hashim in his purposed built race Proton Satria!
  • The following are some shots taken during Round 5!FB_IMG_1484193437966FB_IMG_1484193322891FB_IMG_1484193416579FB_IMG_1484205487238FB_IMG_1484205507991FB_IMG_1484205529422Please check out GAS Gymkhana Facebook page at www.facebook.com/GymkhanaAutoXSeries/ for more pics and updates

GAS Gymkhana Series 2016


GAS , which is the abreviation for Gymkhana Autocross Series, started on 2013 in conjunction with the launching of the GT Radial Champiro SX 2 in Sepang. A one day event which saw 30 participants competing in this inaugural event. With the glut of other gymkhana events following its wake that year, the management decided to take a hiatus and diverted it’s effort to more private gymkhana events mainly for car clubs. However, with the frequency of Gymkhana event dwindling the following year to the point where there were not a single event in the year 2014. Sync Optima had decided to take the helm and try to revive the sport in 2015 by running three events which proved to be successful. The formula of a self funded event , amongst the tight knit of competitors proved to be the way to go in these trying times. So much so that in 2016 , it was decided to run a 5 series competition which will end on the 18th Dec 2016! The following are the posters of the past eventsphotogrid_1458717884776photogrid_1467356555145photogrid_1475032931047photogrid_1479899969611_20161123194943488

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Conemasters International Gymkhana Challenge @ Sepang International Circuit 20th May 2012

Most of you guys were wondering; what had happened to me during the Malaysian leg of the Formula Drift Asia. I didn’t compete nor did I turn up for any of the three days it was held on. My sponsorship for the event did not go through making me unable to join. I was disappointed as  this is the first time I have not competed in this prestigious drift event.As the reason for me not making my appearance to the event ;Drifting is a great spectators sport but I make a lousy spectator so instead I had spent time preparing my car and  joined  the Conemasters series held in conjunction with ZTH’s Time to Attack event.

Having done 2 other autokhana/gymkhana events prior to this, I had a rough idea what needs to be done to  the S13, Blackie, and had spent abit of time prior to the event, tweeking the car’s set up. Thanks to Kian for working  on the car  the whole day ,only to see me coming back the next day to do more adjustments.  The car is far from perfect but it handles a lot better now than before

I arrived at Sepang, bright and  a bit too early that day as the organisers  were still in the process of setting up the course . Further more I was the only competitor there as no one had arrived yet..

However ,the organiser , Ben Lo being the  kind soul he was , took the trouble  to entertain me and also brought me around the course while I waited for the rest to arrive.

Soon  the participants slowly  made their appearance and we were  then allowed to go out on our practice laps.


Conemasters have a  different way of running their events where participants have an unlimited amount of practice runs within the given time as compared to  single practice runs by other organisers.

Our timed runs also worked the same, where we are divided into our respective categories  and were given unlimited runs within the time to each category.This gave the participants ample  time to experiment and improve on our runs !

Being divided into different categories with its own time allocations gave us time to hang out, relax…

goof around….

and also enjoy the side activities ..:)

However, it was all business when it was time to compete. Most notably were the AWD category where we see their times going down after each successive run!

The cool thing I like about autocrosser are they are always willing to share and help other competitors, two of the participants who help me the most were also my competitors fighting in the same category, Hafiz and Mickey which ended up sharing the podium with me!!

It goes without saying that  I really did enjoy myself and was pleasantly  surprised when I clocked the fastest time in the Rear Wheel Drive Category and 2nd fastest overall.

And the icing on the cake was the swag I had gotten for being champion; A car stereo player from Clarion, Shoes from DC, Motor Oil from Martini racing and vouchers and coupons from other sponsors!!

Many thanks to  Ben lo and the crew of Conemasters!!


RWD category

1st   Ariff Johanis Ahmad Sync Optima

2nd  Abdul Hafiz Salleh

3rd  Mickey Teoh


1st Mitch Chong Strawberry Fields

2nd Ariff Johanis Ahmad Sync Optima

3rd Mike Ng