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Sync Optima Drift Academy – Beginner Drift Lesson


Sync Optima Drift Academy is going to hold a beginner drift lesson this coming November 2011. This is an event mainly targeted at drift beginners, giving basic theories and knowledge on drifting.

Ariff Johanis Ahmad and Azrina Jane Abdullah will be on hand to provide their expertise. Basic Drift Setup Car is also available for rental but on twin sharing basis.

Beginner Class

• 10 participants (max) as we believe in more one to one teaching is the best!

• Lecture of drifting mechanism and technique

• Stop & Turn, Donuts, Figure 8, Slow Circuit

• Ride Along and Drive Along by Instructors

• Lunch provided

• Attendance Certificate

• Location: Klang Valley, Selangor, Malaysia

• All drivers must have valid driver license, older than 18 years old.

• All vehicles must have valid insurance coverage. • Able to drive Manual Transmission.

• Rubber shoes, sneakers and/or driving shoes


There’s a limited number (10 max) for each date only.


For those who are interested, please reply to jane@syncoptima.comwith the following details so that we will keep you posted on the next available lesson.

Full Name:


Gender: M / F

Years of Driving:

Contact Number (preferably Mobile):

Time: 9am – 5pm

Drift Car Rental: Yes / No (if No: please provide your car details below)

Drift Car Model:

LSD: Yes / No

Aftermarket Suspension: Yes / No


Cyberkhana Grand Final 2011 – 17 September

Ariff and myself just got back from 1 Sabah Drift Challenger 2011 event in Kota Kinabalu Sabah on the morning itself, I realized that I could squeeze in my time to participate this event. From the last Saturday Night Drift Missile party, I have my last pair of Blue Streak Stilettos that was already fitted on my black Missile 180sx. I would like to give it a try to understand the tire more in this event.

For some you may wonder how come I am not using Goodyear tires and instead Blue Streak. Blue Streak is still part of Goodyear but it is an imported line of private brand tires distributed through Goodyear.  

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce this tire since many of you are not aware of its existence.

Blue Streak Stilettos’ design has extra-large centre rib for better grip and the specially designed grooves are excellent for water evacuation.

They come from size 16” to 18”. And trust me, the price, you will be happy to hear it is a product that is value for money.

Size LSI
205/45R16 83V
205/50R16 87V
205/55R16 91V
225/50R16 92V
225/55R16 95V
205/40R17 80V
205/40R17 84V
215/40R17 83V
215/45R17 87V
225/45R17 91V
225/55R17 97V
235/45R17 94V
245/45R17 95V
225/40R18 88V
235/40R18 95V
245/40R18 93V

So I managed to get hold of our trusty tow truck drive to pick up my car and send it over to event venue in Cyberjaya. We got there in time before the official practice starts. The layout consists of tied-U-turn, donuts, figure eights and slalom. Pretty simple right? But going against some of the veteran driver like Mickey Teoh, Ee Yoong Chern, Johnson Tan and also the regular competitors, it is not easy to gain good time with my “testing” car.

The qualifying starts at about 6pm which gives me some time to take a rest in the truck (woke up 5am in the morning to catch the flight back from KK). I managed to get 7th placed which I will have to go against Dexter who drives a Nissan Skyline R32 RB 26DETT RWD!

Twin battles were the fun part as it is basically 2 cars going out together on their respective layout and whoever finishes the course layout first wins. This round was much easier compared to the previous Cyberkhana I joined as it was a mirrored layout. What it means is if you are on the right side of the course layout with a clockwise donut, after the switchover you will have to do the donuts anti-clockwise. This gets a bit confusing if you do not rehearse enough.

I managed to advance to Best 8 which I had to go against with Kevin Kong who drives a 260Z with RB engine too!

Anyway, here’s the twin battle chart. Kevin beat me just slightly ahead of me which I think I will have to learn to control my throttle when it comes to time trial. This means more practice and learning to do.

All in all, I had a great time and it is a relax environment, catching up with a group of friends and having a drive session together in a safe and controlled environment. And I took home 5th place !







Saturday Nite Drift @ SpeedCity 10th Sept 2011

SpeedCity is notorious for its car crashes.Not suprising, as all we see circulating through the media  are the spectacular carnages; From Along rempits wall ride to Tony “The Thunder” Angelo’s thundering flip!!!  It seems that is all people talk about whenever there’s an event or session held there. So much so that this place has  widely been  known as “CrashCity”.

However, from our experience through our private drift lessons and sessions held at SpeedCity, we have found that this wasn’t necessarily true .As organisers for  Singapore Drift Garage’s DriftToxic session held last month, we were able to squeeze three different courses running simutaniously which includes ; a fast challenging third gear drift course, a beginners course and a Fun tsuiso course without a single casualty for the whole day! !


 Well to cut a long story short; the organisers had realised this and made proper necessary changes that made this event a fun and safe yet also challenging with its fairly fast 3rd gear entry! There were ZERO casualties this round and the Drifters enterence fee was only RM60!!! Too bad the response wasn’t as good as expected but come next week I bet this place will be as hot as  MARDI was!! Jane and I will be there next week…hope to see the rest of you too!!


  photo by ker0l takashi

photo by kerol takashi

Many thanks to Kerol for the photos he took with his Blackberry…I lifted them via Facebook..heheheheh 🙂