Monthly Archives: November 2010

Bike Nite #4 @Putrajaya 26/11/2010

The 4th bike nite was scheduled  on the  day before but due to  the weather , it was canceled . Luckily we had another one planned the next night but this time though,  joining us were family and friends .Besides them only Mike and Cheryl  from the regular group made it , as the others  had other things going on that night

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Some where in the District

Finding BMX parts is tough nowadays. Bike shops are filled with all genres of road and mountain bikes and parts alike  but a mere mention of BMX is usually greeted with sniggers followed by  ” we stop selling those a long long time ago” line .Well I could still recall that ‘ a long long time ago’ every kid had one or at least wanted one and these very bike shops were busily cashing in the craze. However it seems that now  BMXes  are now such an  embarrassment that no reputable  shop here are willing to carry them .Well not all; a quick search online pointed me to a shop off Imbi road called District.

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