SUZUKI Driver Experience 2009 Changi EC Singapore 3rd-4th October 2009

Supported by Goodyear Singapore, the Suzuki Drivers Experience 2009 had given  Jane and I the opportunity to work along side the famous Kevin ‘4WD can’t drift’ Flynn of Drivers Dynamic.  With CK and Singapore’s drift superstar, Ivan Lim , the organisers, Pit Crew had assembled  a total of over 90 enthusiastic Suzuki Swift and Swift Sports owners to  push their cars to its limit , on this two day event!

With  techniques such as ; lane changes, ABS braking , slalom and many others  , many participants  had gained a better understanding of their vehicles and ,most importantly ,acquired skills that makes them better drivers.

Here are the  few pics we managed to take during the event…


Instructor’s briefing


Course set up


One of the head honchos of Pit Crew , Kumar, exemplifying the term ‘working smart


The infamous trousers-tearing-slip n slide- golf kart…;)






Nick , the voice of Pit Crew, with Jane


Jason, the other boss of Pit Crew , shows us that the loves his women big

dscn2648dscn2638dsc02414The participants were divided to groups of ten, Kevin here briefing the students before conducting on the slip and slide coursedsc02426

It’s safe to say that yellow is really popular among Swift owners


Beside the Suzuki Driver Experience, we were also there to a photoshoot for an up coming Mitsubishi Stunt Driving course to be held mid next month. One of the attractions of the course is ramp to ramp jumping where participants are taught how to jump a Colt version R!!


It is important that  construction of the ramp follows closely to the plan specificationsdscn2587


Jane attempting to clear the gap by foot , while Bernard having difficulty getting lift off 🙂


Kevin reminding me , over and over again that 4wd can’t be drifted…we’ll see hehehehehe



A Colt version R with Two Lancers which incidentally one is 4WD…I can’t wait 🙂


No , those aren’t FIA Chuck Taylors I’m wearing….accidently left my racing shoes while packing

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