KE30 Daily

Today, while parts hunting for Cheaka’s  newly acquired Missile car, we came across this clean example of a daily KE30 parked in front of a half cut  shop in Kepong!


Honestly , I’m not really a big fan of the racing stripes but everything else about this car was   just about perfect to me; even down to  the ‘retrofitted’  fender  mirrors (the original car had normal side mirrors)

Fat MkIIs at the rear with Hayashis at the front was the choice for this  daily Corolla


Its even an auto ,which is just perfect for our infamous Kelang Valley traffic

Chrome steering wheel with an Eight ball horn button is something you do not come across so often in these part of the region.

With the economy and escalating petrol prices , it make good sense to drive around in a light,small capacity car that gives you good petrol mileage .Not only does this save you money but environmentally , you are doing your bit by  reducing your carbon foot print .   This KE30 seems to tick all the boxes and tree hugging will never look any cooler than this!!

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