1 Malaysia Sabah Drift Challenger 2011@ Kota Kinabalu 15th-16th Sept 2011

Jane and I were invited to help organise and judge the inaugural drift competition by KSOC title 1 Malaysia Drift Challenge.  The event was held at a BSA Futsal parking lot where a simple but very technical course was laid.



With over 23 drifters from all over east Malaysia, this competition showcased an impressive level of drifting .However, though their skill were high, the lack of experience of competitive drifting were prevalent amongst them. In particularly , the qualifying jitters which plagued half of the field .where these  drifters performed flawlessly during practice but failed miserably during qualifying.



Heng was a victim, to name a few, who looked all set to dominate the competition with his aggressive yet precise practice runs but somehow couldn’t hold it together during qualifying thus failing to enter the best 16!!


The competition went smoothly with a few very close judging calls made . I had specifically mentioned what I was looking for during the drivers briefings and made consistent judging calls based on it.


We would like to thank KSOC in particular Tony Wong for inviting us over , the members and crew who work relentless throughout the weekend and also Mah Lao for bringing us around and also having to wake up on an ungodly hour to take us to the airport.. Thanks buddy

Buaya club moment : with miss Jeanie winner of Miss Borneo Motorsport Carnival 2010 

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