Drifting 101 (Introduction to Drifting) 1st lesson of the new year 2017

We were blessed to have 17 people attending our Introductory to Drifting class on the 2nd day of the new year of 2017! These students were given a brief introduction to the sport where essentials like drift car components and setup were taught.They were also taught two drift techniques ; handbrake and power over which they all had mastered by the end of the day. 

The introductory to Drifting classes are a perfect way to expose the sport to those wanting to know more about drifting. The class has a more lighter approach to learning the techniques as it does not involve a more structured and stringent technique of learning like how our beginners classes are being taught.

The techniques of drifting, which is basically all about car control , which the students will have a better understanding of by the end of the day will make them not only skillful drivers but also safer drivers!

The half day classes we offer is the perfect duration for those with a busy schedule or those which other commitments usually found on weekends!A thousand thank yous to Brandon Ong for these photos he took on that day.

Do contact us at www.facebook.com/Ariffjohanis or call 012 5976303 for more info on our drift lessons

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