GOODYEAR FORMULA DRIFT MALAYSIA 2010@ Dataran Merdeka 18-19 Dec 2010

Looks like my wonderful luck has it that my car decides to break its knuckle (2nd time this week!!!) on my  the 1st practice run, leaving me with no runs. With the help of CHI KIAN Workshop ,they managed to get the knuckle welded but due to the location we were at ,we were unable to test the car to determine  if the handling was ok but  a spin on my 1st qualifying run showed that  it wasn’t :P…Taking a conservative 2nd run, I managed to drift the course half decently but due to being unfamiliar with the track, I took the wrong exit cone coming out !!! I’ve done this numerous of time in autocross but on a drift competition??? WTF??..this leaves me with a double zero!!!

Jane did better  as she did managed to score on the qualifying run  however only qualified 35th…missing by  3 spots!!!

Our heartfelt thanks to Kev, Mike, Cheryl ,  Chi and Kian for the help they gave and hope that the experience we gain from this will make us stronger next year!!

We will be at Dataran today to hang out and also for the autograph signing session…so hope to see some of you guys there…ciao

One thought on “GOODYEAR FORMULA DRIFT MALAYSIA 2010@ Dataran Merdeka 18-19 Dec 2010

  1. Mike Kong

    hehe i’m amazed that jane remembered her placing this time! from the previous entries, in many occasion, her placing is left blank… =)

    better luck next year!

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