FXopen Final Round @ SpeedCity 25th,26th,27th Mar 2011

Quiet possibly the most anticipated event in the Malaysian drift calender, the FX Open Finals 2011 proved to be a derisory  exhibition of what a drift event should not be.

photo by zerotohundred.com

I shall not cheapen the moment as this event was Jane’s debut with her newly acquired sponsor RedBull Malaysia  which she qualified 14th out of 20 other drifters ,placing her into the Best 16. Along side her our main sponsor Goodyear, she completed the whole line up of Goodyear Malaysia Drifters to qualify for this event!

photo by zakumalaya

Congrats Cheaka!! Unfortunately, she blew her engine…yes again, while  battling the top 16 tandem runs thus ending her day.

photo by revsphoto.blogspot.com

As for me, based on the overwhelming hits on our blog since the event, I am sure a lot of you are dying to hear the low down ,straight to the point opinion of what happen to me while fighting for the converted Top 4 placing during the event. If you guys are expecting my comments about the sub standard level of judging that  makes a mockery of the sport, I  shall  not give you the pleasure!!  Don’t be expecting to hear crap from me about this event  !! Don’t look for it here ..do your own searching !!! 😉   All I have to say is ” When in  doubt..Keep Drifting Fun!!!” It makes the feeling of unjust  bearable…

Ooh before I forget..Speedcity rawks!! Can’t wait for Saturday Night drifting there!!!!

photo by zerotohundred.com


8th place   Ariff Johanis Ahmad  Goodyear Sync Optima

16th place Azrina Jane Abdullah Goodyear Sync Optima RedBull

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