Cyberjaya International Gymkhana Challenge Round 3, 26th June 2011


A fun filled event participated by the who’s who of autocross/gymkhana in Malaysia like Mickey Teoh, Alvin, Johnson , Mitch and Adam was held in the Cyberjaya Sport arena parking space.

Unlike the traditional gymkhana event, drivers are required to go through qualifying where the top 8 fastest time  of the two catagories FF and FR/AWD are to go against each other in a heads up match. Both tackling mirror courses , side by side and switching over to decide the winner.

Jane , who qualified 5th fastest of the day had to go against veteren autocrosser , Johnson Tan which led to four re runs(!!) before Jane finally admitting defeat  due to an error on her figure 8 in the course!

Truly impressive considering the car she was driving was still in drift set up and she will definately be back for more!!



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