Formula Drift Malaysia 2011 @ Dataran Merdeka 17th-18th Dec 2011

If  there was movie made of Jane and I about this event, it would be entitled; “Screwed up but Happy”. Yes, I was knocked out early in the tandem runs and Jane unfortunately wasn’t able to qualify due to a freak spin right at the finish line!! So what are we happy so about, you may ask?; well the event had not only showed Jane and I our weaknesses but also our strong points.

photo by Andrew Khoo

I had a great practice run, good tandem practice run but screw up when it mattered ;I fumbled at the start, allowing my competitor to take off ahead of me and I initiated early and took a line  at the “dirty” part of the track causing me to half spin; a case of the nerves I would say

photo by Andrew Khoo

Jane due to feeling under the weather ,apart from nerves ,drifted way below par of what she usually is. Proper preparation is in order!

One thing I am most excited about was having the opportunity to be part of Tayaria’s Kumho family whom graciously sponsored me for this event. Yes it was a bit suicidal to be drifting on  tires I had never used before on an event such as this. However from what I heard, I knew the tires were good. The thing was I did not realised how good they were!!! The limits were astoundingly higher than the tires I had used before which takes a bit getting used to! By my 3rd lap I was able to push the car harder than what I could on other tires!  I had decided earlier this year that 2011 was to be filled with research and developments . 2012 is where I will go all out and it certainly I am on track!!!

Also climbing on board with us this year is Momentum with the Alpinestar gears we adorned. Thanks a million!

Jane has decided to forgo upcoming International events and will be concentration on local events where she excels in. One step at a time as she slowly work her way up thus avoiding unnecessary pressure on herself


We honestly can’t wait for 2012. Bring it on!!!

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