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Malaysian Race of Champions @ Speed city 8th April 2012

Jane and I had received an invitation by Jeet from Wheelspin Motorsport for  their  first Malaysian Race of Champion Series.

This  event gave  the opportunity to people from different motorsport discipline to go  against each other in a head to head  autocross battle.


We were divided into respective groups based on our discipline; Autocross, Rally,Gymkhana and Drift.

We, then had to compete in our respective groups  against each other where the  eventual winner will represent their respective discipline  in a head to head battle against winners of the other groups.

On my very first round , I had to go against Yoong and was quickly dropped from contention faster than I could say ”  Jack Robinson ” or should I is say “Jeet Singh”. I was using the ” Unlike everyone here, I’m driving my road going car for this competition” excuse but in actual fact, there’s alot of work needed to be done in my autocross driving skill as I haven’t been competing for almost 3 years now and the level had certainly stepped up a few since then!! So it’s time to woodshed

Anyway, Jane competed in the Women’s category and managed to win in her category in spite of a major mechanical failure!! The piping from her turbo had cracked causing her to drive without any boost pressure.

As you all would know, driving a turbo equipped car without any turbo boost is worse than driving a car naturally aspirated car as turbo car are tuned richer and have lower compression engines! So it was a fairy great feat for her to win the event!!

We would like to thank Jeet for organising the event and rest assure we will be back for more!!


Women’s Category


2nd LEONA CHIN Ultra Racing

Open Category


Cyberkhana Grand Final 2011 – 17 September

Ariff and myself just got back from 1 Sabah Drift Challenger 2011 event in Kota Kinabalu Sabah on the morning itself, I realized that I could squeeze in my time to participate this event. From the last Saturday Night Drift Missile party, I have my last pair of Blue Streak Stilettos that was already fitted on my black Missile 180sx. I would like to give it a try to understand the tire more in this event.

For some you may wonder how come I am not using Goodyear tires and instead Blue Streak. Blue Streak is still part of Goodyear but it is an imported line of private brand tires distributed through Goodyear.  

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce this tire since many of you are not aware of its existence.

Blue Streak Stilettos’ design has extra-large centre rib for better grip and the specially designed grooves are excellent for water evacuation.

They come from size 16” to 18”. And trust me, the price, you will be happy to hear it is a product that is value for money.

Size LSI
205/45R16 83V
205/50R16 87V
205/55R16 91V
225/50R16 92V
225/55R16 95V
205/40R17 80V
205/40R17 84V
215/40R17 83V
215/45R17 87V
225/45R17 91V
225/55R17 97V
235/45R17 94V
245/45R17 95V
225/40R18 88V
235/40R18 95V
245/40R18 93V

So I managed to get hold of our trusty tow truck drive to pick up my car and send it over to event venue in Cyberjaya. We got there in time before the official practice starts. The layout consists of tied-U-turn, donuts, figure eights and slalom. Pretty simple right? But going against some of the veteran driver like Mickey Teoh, Ee Yoong Chern, Johnson Tan and also the regular competitors, it is not easy to gain good time with my “testing” car.

The qualifying starts at about 6pm which gives me some time to take a rest in the truck (woke up 5am in the morning to catch the flight back from KK). I managed to get 7th placed which I will have to go against Dexter who drives a Nissan Skyline R32 RB 26DETT RWD!

Twin battles were the fun part as it is basically 2 cars going out together on their respective layout and whoever finishes the course layout first wins. This round was much easier compared to the previous Cyberkhana I joined as it was a mirrored layout. What it means is if you are on the right side of the course layout with a clockwise donut, after the switchover you will have to do the donuts anti-clockwise. This gets a bit confusing if you do not rehearse enough.

I managed to advance to Best 8 which I had to go against with Kevin Kong who drives a 260Z with RB engine too!

Anyway, here’s the twin battle chart. Kevin beat me just slightly ahead of me which I think I will have to learn to control my throttle when it comes to time trial. This means more practice and learning to do.

All in all, I had a great time and it is a relax environment, catching up with a group of friends and having a drive session together in a safe and controlled environment. And I took home 5th place !







Cyberjaya International Gymkhana Challenge Round 3, 26th June 2011


A fun filled event participated by the who’s who of autocross/gymkhana in Malaysia like Mickey Teoh, Alvin, Johnson , Mitch and Adam was held in the Cyberjaya Sport arena parking space.

Unlike the traditional gymkhana event, drivers are required to go through qualifying where the top 8 fastest time  of the two catagories FF and FR/AWD are to go against each other in a heads up match. Both tackling mirror courses , side by side and switching over to decide the winner.

Jane , who qualified 5th fastest of the day had to go against veteren autocrosser , Johnson Tan which led to four re runs(!!) before Jane finally admitting defeat  due to an error on her figure 8 in the course!

Truly impressive considering the car she was driving was still in drift set up and she will definately be back for more!!



GRA round 1 @ Stadium Shah Alam 29th May 2011

Its been a while since we last entered a GRA event as the organisers have an uncanny gift of scheduling their events on the same date as any drift event we participate in :). Last weekend was an exception  , we had nothing going on that day and I was in need of a place to test my  ‘SLOW’ s13 , so we decided to give it a shot! Cheaka had brought along her new missile car for this event as her 180sx was  in amidst of preparation for FD singapore!

The original Gay Boy , Jenshen Koh   finally made his debut in his newly built AE86 after over one and a half years on jack stands. However luck has it that he blew his gearbox and popped a water hose on his second run , immediately ending his day.

As for the rest of us…Jane won the fastest female award.

And I won the Biggest Buaya of the Day award…presented to me by the lovely miss Monique.!!


Borneo Motorsport Carnival ,Kota Kinabalu .5th-6th June 2010

Kinabalu Sports Car Owners Club (KSOC)  held their  two day Borneo Motorsport Carnival at the Kota Kinabalu Port  last June . With Car shows, Audio shows, Race Queen pagents, Autocross and Drift demo/session, this event promised to be the biggest car related event, to date in the Borneo region!! We were fortunate to be invited by Tony Wong, President of KSOC to be a part of this prestigious event!

The first place we actually went to was the port where we did the track set up and also to test the cars that we were to use during the demo. I was really impressed with the selection of cars that they had offered us; two S15s, one S14 and a 180sx. These cars were immaculate, almost show car like!! All running on bling out 18″ which is almost unheard of in drift car back in Peninsular Malaysia!!. After a few laps it was decided that I would use Steven’s well prepared 180sx while Jane would be on Mah Lau’s wide body S15. They were incidentally both black , which I think is hows Goodyear cars should be colored in the first place :p. After deciding on the cars we will be using , it was off the the nearest Goodyear dealer which was called Bintang Ramai .

The first thing in order was to fit fresh new Goodyear  Eagle F1 Asymetric tyres on the cars! Those are 18x10j on the fronts!!!

Obviously a little fender knocking was in order 🙂

After doing the alignment and a quick bite to eat, we went back to the site ,just in time to watch the Race queen pagent rehearsal ..yum yum

Anyways, the two days of event went by so quickly, as it would always do when you are having  fun. It was a pleasure working with the KSOC crew and all the people we met during our stay there..sorry for the lack of photos of the other events as I ate up my memory space on the Race Queen pageant..;)




Grass Racing Autosports Championship Finale ,Putrajaya 18th Oct 2009

Fresh from the Stardrift Finals , Jane , Jensen and I made our way to another finals , this time the GRA’s Round 4.   Held at  the huge parking lot besides the Palace of Justice, Putrajaya, this event had a record number of participants of over 6o people!!!. .

Though not impossible , I knew it was difficult for me to be able to get into the top 3, on the overall standing having missed a round in this 4 round series. However , with me doing  two ‘wrong courses ‘ along with  a corrected run ( where I redid a section where I made a mistake while the time is still running) and a safe run  had me plummeting down the score board ,out of contention.

 With that  being said; Jane and Jenshen killed it at Putrajaya with Jane winning best female and bagging a placing in the Novice  OD for 2009  and Jenshen for placing 2nd in Novice OD for this round and 4th  for OD overall

Yoong proved to be unstoppable again by posting 2nd fastest time of the day. He settled with 2nd behind Andy Kow in the  final overall scores but who know what the outcome will be if he had not missed the 2nd round .

Two drifters made their appearence with in this event too, Derek Lim and Mervyn ‘Nangka Murah’  Mohd with Mervyn placing 1st for novice OD ( i think :)) for this round!!

Anyway, here are some pics from that day